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Preliminary Results 11/9/22

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Summation at the KVUSD Candidate Forum

Voters, you have had the opportunity to hear each candidates’ responses to the questions. I hope you have learned from my responses that there is a lot of great things going on in the Kelseyville Unified School District.  I also hope that my answers have shown you that I am clearly the most experienced and qualified candidate for this position.  

My family and I have resided in Kelseyville for the past 35 years. I am familiar with the culture and challenges of living and working in a rural community.  I think that this is an important attribute for a board member. 


I have been a school board member for the past 21 years and served as board chair for 15 years.  Each time I was elected to serve as chair by my fellow board members it was by unanimous vote, they confidence in my leadership, I hope you will as well.  


I have the endorsement of all of the school board members who still reside in Lake County from the past 25 years that I could remember.  I have the endorsement of the majority of the current 

board members and many, many members of the public, business and education community. You can see a complete list on my Facebook page at rickwiner4kvusd.


I hope my experience and commitment has earned your support and vote for my reelection to the Kelseyville School Board.


Thank you.


Contact me with any questions:

Phone: 707-245-4324

Facebook: RickWiner4KVUSDSchool Board